“In Marwari families, grooming for business starts right from childhood. My family has intelligence and follows my vision, family’s culture and values. Today, I am proud that they are working diligently to achieve everlasting success and name for our family.” – Mr. Kothari

Mrs. Anila Kothari
Tremendously supportive wife of Mr. Navrattan Kothari, Mrs. Anila Kothari has been the glue that successfully binds the entire Kothari family together and has stood by Mr. Kothari through thick and thin. She grew up in a joint family where traditional values were as important as modernity. Mrs. Anila Kothari is actively involved in a number of philanthropic activities in and around Jaipur. She is managing Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre as Sr. Vice Chairperson and as Chairperson of Cancer Care – women’s wing of BMCHRC formed to give moral and financial support to the cancer patients as well as creating awareness amongst the general masses to prevent and cope with the dreaded disease.

If you have to touch the heights of success, you have to forego all personal pleasure. Without doing your duty you can demand no rights. Says Mrs. Anila Kothari

Mr. Sanjay Kothari
Mr. Sanjay Kothari, based in Hong Kong, is the Vice Chairman and a focal point of the group's business. Being from the next generation, stepping into the business, he has been vital in the growth and expansion of the group. He is instrumental in managing the entire Gems and Jewellery setup of the group from mining to manufacturing and from marketing to distribution and retail.

Right from his first initiative in setting up diamond manufacturing for the group in Mumbai, he has added many verticals in the group like international sales & marketing, jewellery manufacturing, mining, jewellery retail and real estate along with giving KGK a true corporate identity.
Mr. Sanjay Kothari displays all the dynamism and drive of a man on a mission. He has imbibed business ethics and family values from his parents and is a passionate votary of the extended family that stays connected.

Our upbringing was privileged
not just in wealth but in
values and depth of life.says Mr. Sanjay Kothari

Mrs. Manju Sanjay Kothari
Mrs. Manju Kothari, Creative Director of Entice, a jewelry design and retail outfit with its design and manufacturing base in Hong Kong. She is talented and creative; possess astute business acumen along with an aesthetic eye. Traditional at heart, she personifies Indian values and culture to the core, while enjoying the lifestyle of a modern woman. Being the daughter of the Surana family – famous Jaipur based traditional jewelers, her natural flairs towards jewellery design led her to pursue a jewellery design course from the Gemological Institute of America. She followed this up by customized and well-selected design courses which boosted her creativity to stupendous heights. Manju Kothari believes in the strong values of KGK Group along with those of Entice and, therefore, takes pride in presenting jewellery as a form of art. An avid collector of art herself, she finds beauty in the simplest of things around her, which, in turn, inspire her to create magnificent pieces of jewellery for the well-informed and well-travelled woman of today.

Mr. Sandeep Kothari
Mr. Sandeep Kothari, the youngest son of Mr. Navrattan Kothari and Managing Director for the group, joined the business in 1990. He picked up the crucial role of procurement and manufacturing of diamonds and grew the business manifolds- domestically and internationally. Starting with diamond manufacturing in Mumbai, he expanded the factories in Surat, South Africa, Russia and Botswana.

Under his initiatives, direct supplies from leading companies like De Beers, Alrosa and Rio Tinto have also helped to grow the business and with his move to Antwerp, the world's largest diamond center, he has also been instrumental in expansion of polished diamonds sales in Europe.